And we’re back!

Thanks for your patience. Our move went well and we are settled in. Podcasts and updates were dicey as we were both hit with the flu. We have posted several podcasts but not much else was going on while we recovered. We also had to cancel our “Spirit Medium Daniel – LIVE” show on Facebook.… Continue reading And we’re back!


We have arrived! As soon as we have our studio set up, we will post a short video. In the meantime, our next video will publish on December 20th-enjoy!

First episode has aired!

We published the first episode, “Introduction” on April 26th! This is the first episode in the first season. We have already filmed, edited, and readied four more episodes for publication. (head to the podcasts page for links). Each season will contain roughly 6 episodes (why 6? why not?) The first season is called “Foundation” because… Continue reading First episode has aired!

and Here We Go!

We are now semi-started! I’ve recorded a brief promo spot on what my show will be about and have placed it on my Podcast page in addition to several other podcast sites. We are going to record our first few shows today! Once we get some momentum we will be hosting our live shows (tentatively… Continue reading and Here We Go!


Excuse the dust…we are still under construction and VERY excited to begin this new journey with you! Please sign up at the bottom of the page to be informed when we go “live” with our podcasts.